A well serviced motorhome or caravan is a carefree travel companion. Our service department operates in modern facilities and we are able to offer a full range of work on your caravan/motorhome. Our service equipment and personnel are always up to date.

We offer for example oil change, washing, fixing, odour removal, etc. We service, repair and deliver all parts for every brand.

We offer:

  • annual maintenance
  • inspection maintenance
  • gas installations and gas-testing
  • damp repair and damp check
  • accident repairs
  • washing
  • accessory instalments
  • etc.

We are insurance company approved accident repair service. When needed, we can offer a replacement for the motorhome or caravan for a longer period. Accident and damp repair require professionals. When repaired wrongly they usually cause more damage. So it is best to leave them to professionals like us.

Our service department has experienced professionals and our after-sales marketing is done with years of experience.

Bring your motorhome or caravan to our professionals!

Contact service

Phone: +358 45 128 1089

We are open weekdays 8-16, closed on Saturdays.

We want to provide all our customers with the fastest and best possible service and therefore we ask you to send service enquiries preferably using the contact form below, or by email.

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